Volunteering for the War Effort in Israel

In the face of challenging times, we invite you to join us in positively impacting the recovery and growth of our nation. Due to the unprecedented and violent attack on October 7th, thousands of Israeli soldiers and reservists have been called up to the frontlines. Additionally, many families from the Gaza border and northern communities have been displaced following the devastating attack, and they are now requiring assistance with housing and basic needs.

Photo by Inbar Grosglik at Ha'achim Restaurant

Volunteering in Israel’s war effort is a vital expression of Jewish solidarity, directly contributing to the strength and resilience of our nation during these challenging times.

Whether it’s sending care packages to IDF soldiers or working the fields to assist farmers in the Gaza Belt and northern communities, you can discover the unity of Israel during challenging times through the power of volunteering, where the experience is more than just dedicated effort. Your contribution can truly make a meaningful impact and strengthen our nation’s resilience- now, more than ever.

As Israel navigates the complexities of war since October 7th, Belong is here to guide you through the various volunteering options and present what awaits — opportunities to make a meaningful impact and stand united in Israel’s moment of trial together.

Volunteering in the Military Sector

Cooking From the Heart

Cooking from the Heart is an organization that brings together culinary enthusiasts with a deep commitment to supporting IDF soldiers. Volunteers with a passion for cooking come together to prepare delicious meals, which are then carefully packed and personally delivered to soldiers serving in the Israel Defense Forces. This initiative reflects the generosity of spirit, ensuring that those safeguarding their homeland receive nourishing and thoughtful care, even in challenging conditions. The dedication of its volunteers and the delightful meals they offer serve as a heartwarming expression of gratitude to the courageous men and women in uniform.

Sar-El - Volunteer For the IDF

The ‘Volunteers for Israel’ program, known as Sar-El in Hebrew, offers a unique volunteering opportunity for people worldwide to assist the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in various ways. This program focuses on providing civilian support to the IDF, allowing volunteers to contribute to the operational efficiency and well-being of the Israeli military.

Grilling for Israel

Grilling for Israel is an initiative that treats soldiers stationed throughout Israel to memorable barbecue events. Over the years, the program has hosted more than 100 BBQ gatherings, serving between 300 and 1,000 soldiers monthly, providing them with delicious meals and a comforting taste of home. Recently, their dedication has become even more essential as hundreds of thousands of reservists have been deployed to the Gaza border since October 7th.

The Israel Dog Unit

Joining the Israel Dog Unit (IDU) offers a unique opportunity to become a search and rescue dog handler. Volunteers receive specialized training to collaborate with search and rescue dogs to locate missing persons and work alongside the police. This volunteering experience equips participants with life-saving skills while making a significant community impact. By dedicating their time to this cause, IDU volunteers contribute to the safety and well-being of fellow citizens, including victims of the October 7th attack.

Get Involved in Helping Civilians


JGive is a non-profit organization aiming to positively impact society by nurturing a culture of generosity in Israel and beyond. The organization aims to build technological infrastructure that democratizes giving, making it accessible to all. JGive’s vision goes beyond creating existing platforms; it encompasses many innovative solutions. Whether individuals consider themselves donors, non-profit organizations, philanthropists, or businesses, JGive extends a warm invitation to join their platform, designed to facilitate altruistic efforts and provide an ideal space for manifesting positive intentions.

The Emergency Volunteer Project - (EVP)

The Emergency Volunteer Project (EVP) mobilizes emergency personnel worldwide to provide crucial assistance in times of need in Israel. Volunteers from diverse backgrounds come together with a shared mission to protect lives in Israel.

For the past 15 years, EVP has been at the forefront of responding to major emergencies in Israel, including natural disasters and conflict-related situations. The organization has actively participated in government exercises and completed over 95 volunteer missions in Israel.

EVP collaborates with communities and organizations, establishing a network of trained volunteers prepared to serve the State of Israel during emergencies. These dedicated volunteers also serve as certified emergency responders within their local communities.

Volunteering in Medical & Mental Health

Magen David Adom (MADA)

Magen David Adom operates in both southern and northern regions of Israel, where residents face the constant threat of rocket attacks and gunfire. Despite these challenges, Magen David Adom remains on the frontlines, providing essential medical care to the injured under challenging conditions. Their dedicated teams work tirelessly to reach every wounded individual, ensuring they receive the care they need, especially in times of crisis. One critical aspect of their work involves ensuring an adequate blood supply for those in need, with the goal of providing 1,000 blood units daily to support the healthcare system.

The Ministry of Health’s Physicians for the War Effort

The Ministry of Health is building a database of international physicians willing to lend a helping hand during these challenging times in Israel. This volunteer program aims to support hospitals and clinics, with a particular focus on licensed doctors from North America, the UK, South Africa, Australia, and the EU. Registered nurses and paramedics from overseas who wish to contribute can easily register on the MOH website and provide their essential details.

Iron Swords Volunteers

This Hebrew Facebook group offers assistance like transporting medicine and supplies, offering emotional support, providing animal therapy, assisting in locating missing persons, requesting equipment, and various other forms of aid.

Providing Housing & Helping Displaced Families

Operation Blessing

Operation Blessing is actively assisting families in Israel displaced by the conflict between Hamas and Israeli military forces. They provide support to families, offering bus fares, clothes, food, personal hygiene supplies, toys, bedding, and lodging. This initiative aims to provide a safe space for these families to recuperate and reconnect with loved ones. By volunteering for Operation Blessing, you can contribute to aiding these families in crisis.

Initiatives for Maintaining Affected Agriculture

HaShomer HaChadash

Founded with a mission to safeguard Israeli land and agriculture, Hashomer HaChadash fosters a strong connection between the people and their land. The organization emphasizes community involvement, environmental stewardship, and preserving agricultural and rural life in Israel. Through its various programs and initiatives, Hashomer HaChadash brings together volunteers from diverse backgrounds, promoting values of responsibility, cooperation, and respect for the land and its farmers.

Leket Israel- Support Israeli Farmers

While Leket Israel typically concentrates on food collection and distribution, the organization is now extending its efforts to support farmers during the war. Israeli farmers are facing unprecedented challenges, with many being drafted into the reserves or losing their farmhands for various reasons. In response to this crisis, Leket Israel is actively recruiting volunteers to assist their partner farmers across Israel.

General Volunteering Resources

Ruach Tova

Discover the right volunteer opportunity in the war effort for you with Ruach Tova. Whether you’re passionate about serving IDF soldiers or assisting refugees from Israel’s borders, a variety of options await. This organization connects volunteers with opportunities that match their preferences, whether for short-term or long-term commitments.

The Israeli Volunteering Council

The Israeli Volunteering Council plays a big role in Israel’s volunteering landscape. Their primary mission is to promote and facilitate volunteering and collaborating with government ministries, local authorities, NGOs, and businesses in Israel and internationally. The Council is committed to advancing volunteering across 4 key areas: research and policy development, strategic planning, establishing a school for volunteering, and volunteer programs addressing national needs. Each year, the Council supports numerous volunteering managers and professionals, enabling them to assist hundreds of thousands of individuals from diverse religious and social backgrounds. The Council’s dedicated staff offers undergraduate and graduate students volunteer management courses at various colleges and universities throughout Israel.

Brothers in Arms

Brother in Arms (Hebrew website), in response to the ongoing conflict in Israel, has stepped up to support both the military and civilian efforts during this challenging period. The organization is actively engaged in an operation focused on acquiring and providing essential equipment to the security forces and civilians in conflict zones.

Click here to Join their Facebook group (in Hebrew).

The Kan War Room

The Kan War Room is a Hebrew site that serves as a central hub for various volunteer opportunities during the ongoing war. These opportunities include assisting with the Missing Children’s Center, providing mental health support, helping Israelis stranded in foreign countries, and more. It’s a vital resource for those looking to contribute to the nation’s efforts during these challenging times.