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Together, we're shaping a free and flourishing Israel

At Belong, we’re fueled by our passion for helping individuals find their sense of belonging in Israel while simplifying and providing hands-on support throughout every step of your journey.

Serving Only One Interest: You.

Belong is private and independent. We’re serving only one interest: you.

With Belong, you can discover the rich heritage, culture, and opportunities that await you in Israel. We aim to help you forge a meaningful connection with Israel and ignite your passion for this extraordinary country.

Together, We’re Shaping a Free and Flourishing Israel

What we’re building is bigger than Belong. We see our homeland as the ultimate platform for finding purpose and opportunity. It’s about a shared vision for the future; it’s about reawakening our people’s sense of mutual responsibility, which has always been the secret to Jewish resilience and success.

We dream big and work hard for our fellow Jews and future generations. We know what’s at stake. We invite you to join us at Belong as we embark on this transformative journey. Together, we can build a better world, make a lasting impact, and find deeper meaning and purpose in the land we call home.

Israel needs you.

To truly embrace Israel, you have to see it through the eyes of an Israeli before reaching the beating heart of our beautiful, complex culture and understanding its depth and intricacies.

We are here to help you see what Israel can do for you. And better yet, what you can do for Israel. We offer suggestions for a range of opportunities for involvement, volunteering work, living, and experiencing Israel. We’re here to bring the power of belonging. Here’s how.

Volunteer to help rebuild a free and flourishing Israel

In the aftermath of the war, join hands with us as we dedicate our efforts towards the recovery of Israel. Your involvement can make a significant difference in the lives of those impacted by recent challenges and can contribute to our nation’s healing and rebuilding.

Pack Your Bags

Make Aliyah Easy - And The Adventure of a Lifetime

As a Jew, you have the right to claim Israeli citizenship. If you’re considering living in Israel or need guidance and support, Belong is the definitive interface connecting you to Israel. Find timely information and verified resources, plus stories that put you in that sabra state of mind.

Find your place.

Personal assistance is available for you anywhere and anytime.

Make aliyah, travel, work, study, volunteer, or invest: if it brings you here, we’ll make it easier. We’ve assembled a dream team of on-the-ground experts and self-service resources to simplify the process, from application to acclimation.

Our professional and dedicated team can answer your questions, offer personalized advice, or address concerns. We’re committed to ensuring you have all the necessary tools and information.

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Find yourself in Israel.