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Israel is home.

You just don’t live here yet.

Move to Israel? We know what you’re thinking. Sounds like a schlep. But we think it’s a schlep worth taking. Israelis have strong opinions about everything, and that just might be our strong suit. Moving to Israel isn’t just about joining the Jewish community in our ancient homeland, though that’s pretty powerful. It’s about finding a platform to pursue your wildest dreams. Shaping the destiny of a young nation based on your deepest values. Living in a place where stress withers in the Mediterranean heat. Moving to Israel isn’t about something our ancestors did thousands of years ago. It’s about claiming a better quality of life, right now.

Why move to Israel?

Israel is an epic work in progress.

Our country is only 75 years old. Israeli society is young. The clay is wet. Every Israeli (that’s you) can directly influence our democracy, culture, and economy.

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Israel is the new land of opportunity.

Israel’s economic miracle means concrete professional opportunities. From arts to tech, our country is a solid platform to pursue your dreams.

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You Have the Right to Belong

Here’s more good news: as a Jew, you possess the birthright to Israeli citizenship. Here you will find your people, purpose, and the potential to grow personally, socially, and spiritually.
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Seeking a personalized path into Israel?

Your Belong Concierge can help you with everything from finding a job, to arranging education for your kids, to managing your aliyah experience from application to acclimation.

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