What is Aliyah?

Aliyah. Noun, “ah-lee-ah,” (עלייה). The meaning of the word Aliyah in Hebrew is "rising" and "ascending". Jewish tradition views traveling to the Land of Israel as an ascent, both geographically and metaphysically. This word is also often used to refer to the act of immigrating to Israel, known as "making Aliyah." Historically, this is the immigration of Jews from the diaspora to the State of Israel.

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Since 1950, some people have been eligible for Aliyah to Israel under the Law of Return (hok ha-shvūt) (חוק השבות):

The Law of Return allows Jews, pending a few stipulations, the right to immigrate to Israel and acquire Israeli citizenship.

Aliyah is the impactful act of moving to Israel by those eligible under the Law of Return. On a broader scale, it captures the reunification of our tribe in our homeland after thousands of years of exile.

In 1948, the visionaries who established the State of Israel announced the newly born country would forever be open for Jewish immigration. This freedom materialized as the Law of Return, granting Israeli citizenship rights. Over three million individuals have embraced this right since then.

Yet, labeling Aliyah as merely a “right” falls short of its profound significance. Aliyah is a privilege, an inheritance, a gift bestowed by past generations who fought to return home. It is the opportunity to shape our destiny, cultivate a vibrant landscape of opportunity, culture, and connection.

Aliyah has different meanings to different people. For us, it means you belong.

Who is Eligible for Aliyah?

To qualify for making Aliyah, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. You are Jewish as you are born to a Jewish mother or converted to Judaism by a Rabbinical Court recognized by the State of Israel
  2. You have a Jewish father or grandfather
  3. You are married to an eligible individual
  4. You are a widow/widower of a Jewish spouse and haven’t remarried

In addition, you must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You have not commited acts against the Jewish people
  2. You do not present a risk to public health or national security of Israel
  3. You do not have a criminal records that may endanger the public security

What Are the Benefits of Aliyah?

Suppose you are eligible for Aliyah according to the Law of Return. In that case, various parameters will determine your specific Aliyah profile and the rights and benefits you will receive during your Aliyah and integration (Klita) process.

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How Long Does the Aliyah Process Take? And How Much Does it Cost?

Embarking on Aliyah is more than a move; it’s a life-changing experience. The timeline for this journey varies, as it’s shaped by your personal circumstances and the intricacies of bureaucratic processes. Typically, the Aliyah journey spans a few months, from your initial application to the moment of approval.

Smooth sailing through the Aliyah process is all about preparation. Dive into understanding the steps involved, learn from others’ experiences, and streamline your path using ‘My Belong’s’ dedicated tools. With these resources, navigating the process becomes more manageable, ensuring a smoother transition to life in Israel. Our Belong team is by your side, offering information, guidance, and personalized support every step of the way.

The financial aspect of immigrating to Israel? It’s not a burden. In fact, various governmental bodies, including the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration and the National Insurance Institute, provide financial support to new Olim. This assistance comes in forms like the Absorption Basket (Sal Klita), living allowances (Dmei Kiyum), and a range of benefits and discounts. These include customs and income tax concessions, reduced taxes on property and vehicle purchases, and lower municipal taxes, all designed to ease your initial years in Israel.

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Where do I Begin?

Beginning your Aliyah process? We suggest starting with a thorough review of your Aliyah profile. This step is key to gaining a clear understanding of the entire Aliyah process. Your profile will outline the essential documents and forms you need to prepare and submit. You’ll also discover the rights, benefits, and grants available as a new Oleh. This proactive approach does more than illuminate your path to Israel; it paves the way for a smoother journey. Rest assured, the Belong team is committed to guiding and supporting you at every turn.

Seeking Personalized Guidance on Your Journey to Israel?

Your dedicated Belong personal consultant can assist you with a spectrum of needs – from job hunting to organizing your children’s education- and smoothly guide you through every facet of the Aliyah experience, from the initial application to full acclimation.

There’s No One Way to Israel.

By working with a Belong concierge proffesional, Aliyah becomes simple and streamlined.