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Returning home to Israel? Welcome back to where you belong. As an Israeli returning home, you're not just making a journey; you're reconnecting with your roots, your family, and a familiar way of life. In Israel, where every voice matters, we're especially happy to embrace our returning residents. This isn't just a move; it's a return to a land that holds your history and memories, a place where you already know the path and where the community awaits you. Returning to Israel isn’t just about reconnecting with your heritage; it’s about rejoining a nation where every day is a chance to shape a brighter future.

All You Need to Know About Returning Home

Your step-by-step journey back to Israel.

Planning your return? Rekindle your connection with Israel through our step-by-step guide to support your big journey back. From preparing documents to understanding bureaucracy, Belong is here to help you confidently find your way home.

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Unlock the full potential of your return to Israel by understanding your rights and benefits, along with a wealth of personalized support designed to ease your journey.

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Your Belong Concierge can help you with everything from finding a job, arranging education for your kids, to managing your return - from application to acclimation.

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