Internship in Israel

Israel offers abundant internship prospects for international students and recent graduates eager to gain experience in their chosen fields. These opportunities span summer internships, research positions, and professional tracks available across diverse sectors.

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Looking to upgrade your resume with work experience in one of the world’s most respected tech hubs, medical fields, or engineering sectors? Look no further than Israel. Future employers will surely be impressed with your professional background in the country with the most companies per capita listed on the Nasdaq (We’re talking about Israel).

Internships in Israel – Tailor Your Experience

Israel annually attracts thousands of international students and postgraduates for internships with local and international organizations. Internships are accessible in biotech firms, theaters, PR agencies, internet and technology start-ups, newspapers, banks, universities, and community service. Numerous entities within Israel actively connect international applicants with exceptional internship opportunities. These include universities, government institutions, social change organizations, and private companies.

Whether you want to enhance your academic knowledge, gain practical skills, or immerse yourself in Israel’s unique cultural and professional environment, our guide will help you find the perfect internship.

Internship Programs in Israel - What's Available?

Israel is home to a diverse array of internship programs across various industries. To help you navigate these opportunities, we’ve summarized the main programs available, ensuring you find one that aligns with your career goals and interests.

Types of Internships

University-Based Programs
These cater to international students attending Israeli universities or those from academic institutions collaborating with Israeli universities. These programs typically come in 2 forms: academic research programs and professional volunteer work in NGOs and private firms.

  • Research Internships
    Every university provides international internship tracks in specialized fields. In academic research programs, students assist scholars while gaining practical research experience.
  • Professional Internships
    Certain academic tracks include professional internship options. For example, communications students might intern at local radio or TV stations—computer science students at local programming companies, and science students in biotech firms. Political Science or Middle Eastern Studies students can secure NGO positions focused on co-existence in Israel. These organizations are conveniently located in proximity to the universities.

Programs via Non-Academic Providers
These opportunities are extended to students and recent graduates worldwide by various organizations. Some organizations, such as The Jewish Agency, offer financial aid and scholarships via its Masa program. Popular programs include those in high-tech, political media (PR and journalism), government, and social action. Participants may even choose customized internships designed especially for their interests.

Internship programs

Israel’s internship landscape offers rich professional and research opportunities for those seeking to make a tangible impact through their work. These span a wide range of professional fields, from marketing and the arts to medicine and beyond, allowing you to specialize in an area that aligns with your career aspirations.

Additionally, for those interested in making a societal impact, numerous internships are available in non-governmental organizations (NGOs). It’s a place where NGOs and social change initiatives are abundant and deeply integrated into the professional culture. These internships provide a unique chance to engage with critical issues at the heart of Israeli society, from environmental advocacy and humanitarian efforts to social justice and community development.

Academic Institutions and Providers

Duration and Compensation

Most programs run for 5 or 10 months, with some semester-based options. Interns are typically expected to commit at least 15 hours per week. While most internships are unpaid, some academic programs provide stipends. However, these stipends are generally lower than the Israeli minimum wage.

The motivation for pursuing these internships lies in the potential for future employment, as many interns are offered job opportunities within the company, both in Israel and internationally. Even if not hired, most participants find the experience valuable due to the acquired work and networking opportunities. Some university programs even offer academic credit points.

Financial Considerations

University-affiliated internship programs often do not charge any fees, but programs through other providers may require payment. Costs can vary widely, typically falling between $700 and $10,500. Additionally, participants should budget for living expenses, including food and transportation. In most programs, housing costs are included in the fees.

Applying for an Internship

Application Procedures

Application procedures are facilitated through the relevant internship provider. Personal advisors guide applicants in selecting the most suitable programs and provide additional information. The application process usually involves interviews with representatives from the host company to discuss available positions.

Language Requirements

All international internships are conducted in English, although some may require a background in Arabic or Hebrew. Non-native English speakers may be required to take an English proficiency test.