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A Comprehensive Guide for Navigating Your Aliyah Process "Making Aliyah" refers to the significant decision to immigrate to Israel. Much like any other life-altering choice, each person's Aliyah experience is unique. Even if you have a strong network of connections in Israel and already know your way around, Aliyah can still be a deeply humbling and challenging experience. You might encounter situations that your previous life, in your home country, had never equipped you to handle.

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The prospect of beginning a new life in Israel can be thrilling, but the process may also appear overwhelming. However, with the appropriate information and guidance, your path to Aliyah can become significantly more manageable and smoother. This is where Belong comes in – our mission is to offer assistance and support to those embarking on their Aliyah journey.

This comprehensive guide will take you through the relevant organizations involved in your Aliyah process.

The Jewish Agency

The Jewish Agency (HaSochnut HaYehudit) is an international Jewish organization that specializes in Aliyah and integration, Jewish Zionist education in the Diaspora, and the enhancement of the Jewish community in Israel through collaboration with the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration. Olim are assisted abroad by the Jewish Agency’s emissaries deployed in communities around the world.

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The Jewish Agency for Israel serves as a central organization that facilitates and supports Jewish immigration to Israel. Its primary functions and roles in the Aliyah process include the following:

  • A Global Service Center – Located in Jerusalem operating 6 days a week in 6 different languages including English. The center’s phone number is: +972-2-636-7701
  • Visa Issuance – Once approved, the Jewish Agency assists in issuing visas and other travel documents required for Aliyah
  • Arrival Services – The Jewish Agency provides support upon arrival in Israel, helping new Olim navigate through the initial stages of settling, including assistance with bureaucratic paperwork and temporary housing, like in an absorption center (Merkaz Kita).
  • Absorption Process Assistance – The Jewish Agency offers a range of services assisting new Olim in their absorption process. This includes Hebrew language courses (Ulpan), employment support, and integration programs to help new Olim adapt to their new life in Israel.


Shlichim in North America and the U.K.
The representatives of the Jewish Agency play a pivotal role on behalf of the state of Israel, focusing on the realms of Aliyah, education, and the fortification of Jewish identity in the Diaspora. The Aliyah emissaries are well experienced in guiding candidates through every aspect of their Aliyah journey, including planning, document preparation, and the ultimate mission of scheduling the much-anticipated Aliyah day.
Also, they are entrusted with meticulously checking the requested documents for Aliyah. Their role extends to providing recommendations to the Israeli consulate thus influencing decisions related to the approval of immigrant visas.

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Contact the Global Center from the US at 1-866-835-0430
or from Canada at 1-866-421-8912,
or email [email protected].

Nefesh B’Nefesh

Nefesh B’Nefesh is a non-profit organization that encourages and facilitates the immigration of Jews to Israel from North America and Canada. Working in coordination with the Jewish Agency, Nefesh B’Nefesh provides prospective new Olim with extensive information and guidance throughout the entire Aliyah process. This includes detailed assistance on eligibility criteria, necessary documentation, and pre-Aliyah activities.
The key roles and functions of Nefesh B’Nefesh in the Aliyah process include:

  • Application Assistance – The organization assists individuals in completing their Aliyah applications, ensuring that they meet the necessary criteria for immigration to Israel
  • Financial Support – Nefesh B’Nefesh offers financial incentives and support to eligible Olim, including grants and loans to help with the financial aspects of the Aliyah process
  • Pre-Aliyah Workshops – While still abroad, Nefesh B’Nefesh conducts pre-Aliyah workshops and seminars for individuals to prepare them for their new life in Israel. These sessions cover topics such as employment, education, healthcare, and housing
  • Flights and Logistics – The organization arranges group flights for Olim and provides a supportive and communal experience for newcomers. They also assist with logistical matters related to transportation, shipping, and navigating through the airport upon arrival.
Nefesh B'Nefesh website

The Israeli Consulate

The Israeli Consulate plays a vital role in facilitating the Aliyah process by handling essential paperwork behind the scenes. Some of its key roles and functions in the process include:

  • Visa Processing – The Consulate is in charge of processing the Aliyah candidate’s visa application. This typically involves the collection and verification of the necessary documentation
  • Documentation Verification – As part of the Aliyah application process, individuals are required to submit various documents, including birth and marriage certificates, as well as other personal records. The Israeli Consulate verifies the authenticity of these documents and ensures they meet the requirements for Aliyah
  • Interviews and Assessments – Officials may conduct interviews with Aliyah applicants to assess their eligibility and intentions. This isn’t a mandatory stage as usually the initial interview with the Jewish Agency’s emissary will suffice
  • Providing Information – The Consulate serves as a source of information and guidance for individuals interested in Aliyah. This is especially relevant for citizens (Ezrach Oleh) or returning minors (Katin Chozer) in regard to IDF service requirements
  • Provision of Travel Documents – The Consulate provides travel documents, such as entry Aliyah visas or travel permits to Israelis who never issued an Israeli passport or have an expired one. This is particularly important for individuals making Aliyah who require proper documentation to enter Israel
Check out the complete list of consulates in the US and Canada

The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration

The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration (Misrad Haklita) is in charge of overseeing your initial arrival in Israel including the following procedures:

  • Issuing your Israeli Identification Number (Teudat Zehut ) with the population and immigration authority
  • Providing your Oleh Certificate (Teudat Oleh) with a Benefits Booklet (Teudat Zakaut)
  • Receiving a Healthcare Registration Form. It is highly recommended that you register with a healthcare provider immediately, through the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration’s office at the airport. Otherwise, you may register with an HMO (Kupat Cholim) through any branch of the Postal Authority
  • Providing eligible individuals or families with an Initial Absorption Basket payment (Sal Klita) at the airport which will ease your initial period of integration. This payment is part cash and part bank check
  • Receiving a “Note of Future Bank Account.” This form must be stamped by your Israeli bank upon opening a bank account, and subsequently, presented to your local Misrad Haklita office in order to receive the remaining sum of your monthly Sal Klita to your bank account
  • Granting you an Israeli SIM card including talking minutes and an internet package which is valid for 6 months. If you wish to retain the number initially provided to you by “Telzar – 019 Mobile for Olim Chadashim,” contact their customer service at +972-55-300-0019 for assistance
  • Providing transportation to your first destination in Israel

The location of The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration’s office is at Ben Gurion Airport, in Terminal 3, on the second floor

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Please note: The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration’s website has a personal and private area for Olim and returning residents. The services offered are free of charge and include receiving personal information regarding assistance and payment options available through the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration. Among them are issuing permits, updating personal information, creating an employment plan, transferring documents, and submitting an application to a consultant, all of which can be completed online, simply and securely.

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