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Moving to Israel is just the start, Belonging is the journey .
That’s what Belong is all about.

We're dedicated to simplifying and enriching your journey, whether for travel, work, study, volunteering, investment, or Aliyah.
We offer up-to-date information, verified resources, and personal assistant services. From securing your passport to settling you in, we transform the complexities of Aliyah into a welcoming experience.

Even more ways to support your journey are coming soon.
You can look forward to engaging orientation trips and access to specialized tools designed for your unique needs like an Aliyah task manager. Plus, with remote Hebrew learning, reliable board for jobs and housing searches, and recommended shipping services on the horizon, we’re fully invested in making your transition smoother than ever. We’re here to make Israel more than a destination—it's your new home.

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Seeking a personalized path into Israel? Your Belong team awaits.

Israel’s doors are open to every Jew worldwide, yet the journey here isn’t always that simple. At Belong, we're committed to seamlessly guiding your journey to Israel. From creating travel itineraries that fit your schedule, budget, and experiences, finding the ideal internship or kibbutz, and navigating the entire Aliyah process with you- from initial application to final acclimation. Our concierge service offers a team of local experts dedicated to managing and executing your experience with the goal of making every step of your journey as tailored to your needs as possible; that’s why we shoulder logistics so you can fully embrace the adventure. Acting as both your eye in the sky and your advocate on the ground, we’re accessible whenever and wherever you need us. So, while you focus on making the most of every moment, your Belong Concierge is here to ensure you’re backed by human support and seasoned expertise in all things Israel.
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Photo by John T on Unsplash

We think it’s time to reintroduce the Diaspora to Israel.

Discover the real Israel. This land is more than a historical marvel; it's a vibrant hub where you can find what's missing from modern life. Seeking a sense of belonging? Israel is your gathering point. Aiming for success and innovation? Welcome to the Start-Up Nation. Eager to make a difference? Join Israel's ongoing journey as a democracy-in-progress. Israel's story isn't set in stone- it's an evolving narrative that you can help shape.

We believe in the boundless power of belonging.

By rediscovering our connections with our homeland and each other, we're sending a powerful message to the world: we all belong, and community is the way. It's about reigniting that spirit of mutual responsibility that has always been at the heart of Jewish resilience and prosperity. Together, we're not just shaping a free and flourishing Israel; we're also opening doors to a life rich with meaning and ready for adventure.